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News (November 2010):

The University of Westminster and MTA SZTAKI both offered technical
support for application porting on grids to the Life Science Grid

Here is a summary of the offered services (adapted from their websites):

  1. To analyse with users applications that can be “gridified”
  2. To Grid-enable the selected applications, i.e. to migrate and run
    these applications on desktop Grids, such as BOINC-based Grids, or
    computational Grids, such as Enabling Grids for e-Science (EGEE),
    National Grid Service (NGS), Open Science Grid (OSG) and TeraGrid (TG)
    or on both
  3. To train users how to run these applications on the Grid.

More details, including contact information, are found there:





Online Tutorials  (November 2010, eNMR D3.8). The report is available here 


The integrated eNMR platform  (November 2010, eNMR D3.6). The report is available here


New components’ integration and deployment updated report  (October 2010, eNMR D2.7). The report is available here


2010 Report on the dissemination of e-NMR results (October 2010, eNMR D1.8) . The report is available here.


Final report on e-NMR grid  (October 2010, eNMR D2.5). The report is available here.


EGI Technical Forum 2010 (September 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). eNMR is participating with two oral presentations and a live demonstration. Conference material is available here.


Second Assessment of the e-NMR infrastructure and GOC report  (July 2010, eNMR D2.6). The report is available here.


Report on the connections established with the e-Science community (July 2010, eNMR D1.6) . The report is available here.


Training of bio-NMR users (July 2010, eNMR D1.5) . The report is available here.


IBERGRID'2010 - 4th Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference (May 2010, Braga, Portugal)

The paper published in the conference proceedings can be downloaded either from publisher's web site (included in the Back Matter chapter) or directly from here (Loureiro-Ferreira et al., 2010. e-NMR gLite grid enabled infrastructure. IBERGRID, 4th Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference Proceedings. Netbiblo, A Coruña, Spain). The oral communication is also accessible here


Second Assessment of the state-of-the-art in computational aspects of bio-NMR (May 2010, eNMR D1.4) . The report is available here.


Updated Request for Enhancements of gLite to support bio-NMR applications (April 2010, eNMR D3.7). The report is available here.


5th EGEE User Forum (12-16 April 2010, Uppsala, Sweden). eNMR is participating with a
live demonstration. Conference abstract is available here.


BCBR meeting in The Netherlands

A poster presented at the BCBR meeting is available for download



e-NMR - Extend-NMR workshops (Spring - Fall 2010, Vilnius, Lithuania)

The workshop covers theory and practical aspects of state of the art NMR structure calculation techniques that are currently employed on the e-NMR webportal. The participants will first be introduced to the eNMR GRID, followed by introductions and practical applications of programs such as CYANA, CING, HADDOCK and CcpNmr Analysis. Several computationally intensive procedures will be run on the eNMR GRID. In addition, the workshop includes an introduction to the integrated software pipeline Extend-NMR.

Registration requirements

Currently there are no requirements for registration. It is however appreciated if you have an eNMR VO (Virtual Organization) certificate, which you can obtain here.

Workshop dates 

The workshops will be held in 2010 on the following dates:

  • June 7-11
  • October 4-8

For further details and application please visit The Biomolecular NMR Training Center.


SNC, e-NMR -  protein NMR workshops (Goteborg, Sweden)

Topics include: hands-on spectroscopy on the high-field instruments, NMR theory, analysis, structure determination and processing of spectral data using high-performance EGEE infrastructure via eNMR portals. Workshops 2010 dates 3-7, 24-28 May - Fundamentals of Protein NMR, A hands-on intensive PhD course, 20-23 Sep - Advanced course on new methods of Data Acquisition and Analysis in Biomolecular NMR, Nov - Advanced Protein NMR, A hands-on PhD course on advanced NMR techniques.

Registration requirements: In order to register for this workshop you need to have an eNMR VO (Virtual Organization) certificate. In case you do not have an e-NMR VO certificate you can obtain the certificate in your country here. For further details and application please visit The Swedish NMR Centre, University of Gothenborg.



Report on e-NMR infrastructure state-of-art toward integration with EGEE (January 2010, eNMR D2.4)

The report is available here.